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Help-U-Build clients have been building larger homes, higher-quality homes and saving thousands of dollars in the process since 1992. San Antonio Help-U-Build, LLC has been serving Bexar and surrounding counties since 1999. During that time our clients have appreciated the in-depth services and expertise provided to them, including Comprehensive Planning, Home Designers, Builder's Discounts, Financing, Reputable Subcontractors, Comprehensive Project Manuals, Web-Based Project Management Tools, Critical Path Flowcharts, Bid/Cost Tracking, Jobsite Monitoring Systems and Professional Inspectors.

Comprehensive Planning

Our clients appreciate the fact that the overall success of their construction project was founded by starting off the project with an accurate construction budget. They also appreciate the fact that their final construction budget was part of a 3-step Help-U-Build budgeting process - 1) Construction Estimate, 2) Construction Budget, and 3) Working Budget.

The Construction Estimate was their starting point. Based on their initial floor plan, size of the house, type of flooring desired, approximate length of their driveway, type of sewage system required, etc., a construction budget estimate was generated by Help-U-Build. Since the estimated cost-to-build was within their new home budget, they proceeded to the next step of the process - the Construction Budget.

The Construction Estimate confirmed that the cost-to-build their dream home was within their defined budget, their next step was to have the house floor plan converted to a complete set of construction blueprints. This was accomplished by having a Help-U-Build designer/architect work with them to design the home to their specific desires and requirements. Once the drawings were completed, Help-U-Build sent them out to subcontractors for bidding. Bids were then received on all the major components of the home-building project, including the cost of the foundation, cost of the framing, cost of plumbing, cost of electrical, etc., until a complete construction budget was obtained. Since the actual bids came in at or under the estimated costs, our clients were ready to move forward with their home-building project.

Once construction had begun, our clients were able to experience the wonders of the next phase of the budgeting process - the Working Budget. The wonders of this budget are inherent in the fact, that once construction has started, the subcontractors become extremely competitive with their bids. This is a function of their desire to keep their crews busy. So the advantage to our clients is that a subcontractor that is looking for work next week, when our clients are ready for that type of work, is more likely to be price-competitive then a subcontractor that is booked for the next couple of weeks. Consequently, more times than not, our clients experience a decrease in costs on the Working Budget compared to their original Construction Budget, and that is obviously, a good thing.

Home Designers

The main positive feedback we get from our clients regarding their home designers is that our designers embrace the Help-U-Build "Green by Design" Home Building philosophy. They understand that 90% of the effective green building strategies occur within the first 10% of the design process. They also appreciate that conservation strategies are the "low-hanging fruit" with regard to cost-effective green-building techniques for their custom home design.

Builder's Discounts

Another benefit of being a Help-U-Build client is being able to take advantage of our buying power. As Help-U-Build clients, they were able to buy all of their home building material at discounted rates. This includes lumber, roofing, flooring, plumbing, electrical , appliances and all other associated materials and supplies related to building a custom home.


Our clients are able to secure competitive financing options with our Help-U-Build Financial Partners. Besides offering competitive interest rates and flexible financing options, the further benefits to our clients are due to our long and mutually-beneficial relationship with our financial partners. For our clients, this translates to complete control of construction monies, quick turn-around on construction draws, and a thorough understanding of the Help-U-Build process.

Reputable Subcontractors

When it comes to identifying a key component of a successful home construction project, our clients are quick to appreciate that working with reputable subcontractors is near the top of that list. That is the benefit of having been in custom home construction business in the San Antonio area since 1999. In that time, Help-U-Build has established long-term relationships with experienced, qualified and reputable subcontractors.

Project Manual

Comprehensive project management tools are another aspect of the Help-U-Build System that our clients come to fully appreciate during the construction phase of the process. Our comprehensive Project Manual is just such a tool. Included are the following key topics: Intro to Building Your Home, Helpful Hints and Glossary of Terms, Project Budget, Critical Path Flowchart, Sample Draw Requests, Subcontractor Agreements with Sample Payment Schedules, Partial & Full Waiver Forms and All Subcontractor Written Bids.

Web-Based Project Management Tools

For those clients that prefer the high-tech world of project management, Help-Build provides web-based tools as well, including a complete Project Schedule (Gantt Chart) for their home construction project.

Jobsite Monitoring Systems

For those Help-U-Build clients that travel extensively or that live a far-distance from their jobsite, our exclusive jobsite monitoring system is just the ticket. This web-based camera system can be installed at your construction site allowing monitoring of your job-site from the comfort of your home or hotel room from anywhere in the world.

Professional Inspections

Our clients come to fully appreciate the service that our professional inspectors have to offer with regard to ensuring quality of construction during the home building process. These independent inspectors are concerned with only with quality - the quality of the work and the quality of the materials being used for the construction of your custom dream home.